In embedded development I need a set of cross compilers and other tools.
Since I switch between different workstations often, I searched
for an appropriate solution which allows me to maintain only one development
toolchain for all my workstations. It should work stable among system updates on
the host system and it should be portable and easy to install on a new system.
It should work on differnt operating systems like Arch Linux or Ubuntu/Debian.
In aspect of security reasons it should be easy to update and roll back if there
are irresolvable version conflicts. I had this thougts in my mind for a few days
until i found a solution; which could be the perfect match. The RIOT OS Docker image.
RIOT OS is an operating system for iot devices wich supports different architectures and
chipsets and its cross development toolchain offers all types of tools i need.
Therefore, I decided to give it a try. As it didn’t work out as described in
the online documentation, I transcribed the required commands below.

cd docker
mkdir embedded_docker
cd embedded_docker
git clone
docker build -t riotbuild .
cd ~
mkdir embedded_dev_workspace/
cd embedded_dev_workspace/
git clone
docker run -i -t -u $UID -v $(pwd):/data/riotbuild riotbuild ./dist/tools/compile_test/

The last command starts a system test for the toolchain.
This takes a few hours an is still running.

success: airfy-beacon, arduino-due, arduino-duemilanove, arduino-mega2560, arduino-uno, arduino-zero, avsextrem, calliope-mini, cc2538dk, cc2650stk, chronos, ek-lm4f120xl, f4vi1, fox, frdm-k64f, iotlab-a8-m3, iotlab-m3, limifrog-v1, mbed_lpc1768, microbit, msb-430, msb-430h, msba2, msbiot, mulle, native, nrf51dongle, nrf52dk, nrf6310, nucleo-f030, nucleo-f070, nucleo-f072, nucleo-f091, nucleo-f103, nucleo-f207, nucleo-f303, nucleo-f334, nucleo-f401, nucleo-f446, nucleo-l1, openmote-cc2538, pba-d-01-kw2x, pca10000, pca10005, pttu, remote-pa, remote-reva, remote-revb, saml21-xpro, samr21-xpro, seeeduino_arch-pro, slwstk6220a, sodaq-autonomo, spark-core, stm32f0discovery, stm32f3discovery, stm32f4discovery, telosb, udoo, waspmote-pro, weio, wsn430-v1_3b, wsn430-v1_4, yunjia-nrf51822, z1
    Building application: irq (56/127)

Find more detailed information about RIOT OS and Docker under:

Errors: 0 Warnings: 0
All 127 tests passed!
The Doker Image is fully functional and ready for my exploration.